A new mandate to the executive director Verica Maraš

The Board of Directors of the Company, presided by prof.dr Veselin Vukotić, held on ther 27th of March, made a decision to assign a new mandate to the executive director Verica Maraš in the manner that it will prolong her managerial mandate for the upcoming 5 years period.

Verica Maraš has been employed in the company 13.jul-Plantaže since 1985. She worked at the position of the financial director for 17 years and she has been  at the position of the executive director in the period from 2008 to 2018, when the best results were achieved in the history of the Company (the biggest realized income, profits, investments….) ,which may be illustrated with the data: production of wine and table grapes of over 200 mil.kg, sales of over 150 mil. bottles of wine and natural brandies, incomes in the amount of  €320 mil. (out of which €170 mil.from the foreign markets), profit in the amount od  € 30 mil, realized investments in the amount of € 35 mil., allocated housing loans in the amount of € 4,2 mil, donations, sponsorships and humanitarian aids in the amount cca. € 3 mil, 300 new employed persons, settled obligations to the State in sense of tax and contributions, in the amount of € 90 mil.

Considering the data from the business balance sheets of the company for 2017, it may be concluded that the company completed this year also very successfully, achieving gross profit  in the amount of   €2.426.949 which is 5% higher than the last year.  Considering the data in 2017 and comparing them with the ones from 2016, the revenues in the amount of € 30,5 mil are higher for 5%, out of which revenues based on the sales 1,5% and the revenues from the domestic market that increased 9% , particularly stood out. As for the domestic revenues,a significant  increase of the  revenue, based on the sales of fruit, has been achieved .Therefore, cca 1.200 tons of peaches and 2.300 tons of table grapes have been produced and sold this year as well the increase of the revenues , based on the fish, retail and catering facilities , has been achieved.

The harvest 2017 was also very successful, because cca 14 mil.kgs of wine grapes of the premium quality , guaranteeing the production of great wines , have been picked. Considering the costs and comparing 2017 to 2016, the increase of 4% was achieved and they amount € 30,3 mil . The reason of the growth of the total costs is in the growth of the costs of the material and energy as the result of the increase of the production in relation of the same period of the last year and the reason for all stated was accelerated bottling due to the investment of the replacement of the existing bottling line and purchase of the new one. In 2017, the investment in the amount of € 2,6 mil was realized and the investments began for which the advance payments were paid in 2017 and the works started ( bottling line, cold storage plant, biomass boiler).

It is 2017 that will be kept in memory by the realised world recognitions for the quality of Plantaze wines. There are even 32 world recognitions placed in the company showcases from the most renowned world competitions, such as: Decanter World Wine Awards, BIWC, AWC, Decanter Asia WWA, Mundus Vini…… and many realised great recognitions at the regional contests and competitions of wine.

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