Crnogorski Val PolusuvCrnogorski Val is sparkling white wine made by traditional ( champagne) method of secondary fermentation in the bottle. This is unique sparkling wine because it comes as the authentic Cuvee( blend) of Chardonnay and autochthonous Montenegrin white variety Krstac – which is grown only in our vineyard in Cemovsko polje.

Crnogorski Val produces as an extra dry and semi dry sparkling wine.

Crnogorski Val 2010 (semi dry)

Crystal clear straw colour with golden reflection. It is very potable and leaves a fresh sensation on one’s tongue. It is elegantly balanced with harmonious taste and discreetly rounded scent.


Temperature:  6-8oC

Glass: Champagne glass ( “flute”)


Semi dry wine can be served as aperitif or at the end of the meal, with desserts or hard cheese


Crnogorski Val 2010 (semi dry)


Regularly good harvest concerning quality and yield of the grapes.Weather conditions for ripening grapes were favorable. The grapes were in good health.


Viticultural areas: Valley of Lake Skadar , Podgorica’s viticultural area

Location: Ćemovsko polje, microlocality Tuzi

Size of the vineyard:  51 ha

Exposition: North – South

Soil: shallow, skeletal

Planting density: 2.60×1.00

Growing type:  single and double Guyot

Average age of the grapevines:  Chardonnay – 18 years, Krstač – 8 years


Varietals: Krstač, Chardonnay

Yield: 2.5-3 kg per vine (8.5-10 t/ha)

Harvest time: middle of October

Manner of harvest: manual

Vinification : Primary fermentation in inox vats, secondary fermentation in the bottle

Temperature of fermentation: up to 16 oC

Duration of fermentation: Primary fermentation 10-20 days, secondary fermentation 1- 2 months

Malolactic fermentation:controlled malolactic fermentation with the use of selected malolactic bacteria

Aging: : The base aged in inox vats on the fine lees up to 6 months, and after secondary fermentation sparkling wine aged on the “yeast” (the sediment resulting from the yeast that is used for secondary fermentation) about 12 months and after degassing a few more months to get wine harmonize. In this way the wine becoming enriched with mannoproteins and polysaccharides, contributing to the fullness of taste and comes to the formation of tertiary aromas, enriching the primary and secondary aromatic complex wines.

The duration of aging: 1-2 years

Chemical analysis: pH -3.0; total acids- 6.50g/l; alcohol-12.2% vol.

U pripremi…

U pripremi…

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