Growing interest of the Chinese distributors for the wines of Plantaže

The executive director  of Plantaže, Verica Maraš signed yesterday,the Contract on the Mutual Co-operation between Plantaže and Chinese company Sichuan Road and Bridge (Group) Corporation (SRBG) in the premises of the Wine cellar Šipčanik.

By this partnership, the distribution of Plantaže wines will be expanded to the new Chinese provinces, so the company Sichuan Road and Bridge (Group) Corporation (SRBG) will distribute our wines in Sichuan and surrounding regions.

We are glad with the fact that the interest for premium and ultra premium segment of the Plantaže wines in the Chinese market  has been increased from year to year and it is currently among 4 most important export markets of this company.

Thanks to their proved and recognisable quality for decades,  there has been an increased demand for Plantaže wines both in the selective European and other world markets. Therefore, it is no wonder that the wines have been sold in over 35 countries all over the world which puts Plantaže among 9 world companies with such a great dispersion of the market.

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