Great success of the company at the Chinese market

The wines of our company have found their places for many years before in the big Chinese market and a wide range of our products almost always attracts attention  of numerous distributors and through them of millions of lovers of good wine tastes.

According to the official data on the import of wines by the Chinese customs office last year, Montenegro was ranked on the 18th position. This information becomes even more relevant when it is known that as for  Montenegro, it’s only from the company Plantaze that the wine was exported, as the number of the companies which export from other countries is greater and it is from 10 or more wineries from other countries, respectively, that the wine was exported.

It is important to mention that there are other countries following Montenegro and Plantaze, such as: Austria and Russia (including Crimea as the largest wine region), and also, that the majority of the countries from the list are not subjected to the customs tariff or it is considerably lower than the one  for the Montenegrin wines.

It is also obvious that in 2017 import customs tariffs for the wines from Australia and Chile into China do not exist, which additionally strengthens the success of the company at one of the biggest and most remarkable markets of the world, where the value of the exported wines was over 2 million US$ last year.

This is another in the series of  great accomplishments of the company at the international market and the statistical data that the export from all countries of the region does bot cover even 50% of our export, boosts the strength of Plantaze as well as of whole Montenegro as a recognizable and high quality viticultural-wine growing destination.

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