The company Plantaže won the great recognition ’Creators for Centuries’ for the contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in the Central and Southeastern Europe for 2016.

This prize has been handed out on the particular occasion within IV Regional Summit of Entrepreneurs of  Central and Southeastern Europe ’The Best 300’ , held  from 10-12th March 2017 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The decision on the laureates for 2016 was brought by the International independent Committee for the Allocation of Awards and Recognitions, consisting of 12 experts for the economy, marketing,management and entrepreneurship from 5 countries within Project of Promotion and Allocating Awards to the most Meritable for the Development of Entrepeneurship in the territories of Central and Southeastern Europe.

’ With the Project of Allocating Awards and Recognitions to the contribution of the development of  entrepeneurship in Central and Southeastern Europe ’CREATORS FOR CENTURIES’, a recognition should be publicly expressed  and  attention drawn to wider audience to  great visionaries and leaders of future ,the boldness, work, knowledge, creativity and premium results of which are the base and main mover of the progress of the community we live in’- was stated in the explanation of the International Committee for giving awards and recognitions ’Creators for Centuries’.

On the second day of the Summit, our colleague MSc in Economics Luka Mišović introduced the company Plantaže as a good example from practice within the issue ’ Entrepreneurship: Successful launching of new ventures’.

On this ocassion also we thank you to the International Committee for the Allocation of the Awards at the recognition that it allocated to us with the  conviction that Plantaže will continue to be a creator of the  challenges for development for the time ahead.

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