Day of the celebration of the remarkable Jubilee of the Company as a Celebration Academy, opening of the new bottling line and gala concert of Goran Bregović

The company 13 jul-Plantaže has celebrated this year grand Jubilee- 55 years of successful work.On this occasion, on the 13th of June, attended by a great number of guests from public and cultural life of Montenegro, in the wine cellar Šipčanik, a Celebration Academy was held with the speakers : President Milo Đukanović, executive director of the Company Verica Maraš, president of the Board of Directors, prof.dr Veselin Vukotić and Ambassador of Montenegro in Serbia Branislav Mićunović.

President of Montenegro,Milo Đukanović stated that 55 years of work of Plantaže is the success itself. It has been achieved in over half of the century of extremely turbulent period of the Montenegrin history which makes it even more impressive. He reminded that Plantaže as the company in which 1.200 employed work full and part time represents one of Montenegrin biggest exporters as well as the firm which establishes new standards, connecting itself with science and research. He stated also that the company recognized the importance of linking agricultural production with culture and tourism and gave contribution to the development of wine culture. A good image of Montenegrin autochthonous wine has been made and opened the space for small, private wineries and their number is, as Đukanovic has stated, one of the parameters of improvement of life standard in any country. Đukanović pointed out that it is a great responsibility to build and keep confidence of the buyers in 40 countries of the world and that it is the best evaluation of work and success of Plantaže.

The ambiance in which the company has worked and produced contributes certainly to the success of Plantaže. Montenegro represents stable and safe country with increasing trend of foreign direct investments, economic freedom and in spite of the hard times, the country with dynamic economic development. ’ All that you have achieved as the company makes you obliged to continue further , to raise the new goals at higher levels and reach them. You should do it for the employed, for the owners among whom is the state, because of the competitors, because of the future of Plantaže, stability and progress of Montenegro’, stated Đukanović at the celebration receipt.

’Our market is the whole world, we are proud of 55 gold years’, the executive director of Plantaže Verica Maraš stated. She pointed out that Plantaže has the first product in the country for decades.We make constantly the profit that amounted 30 million euros last year and it was 180 million euros for the previous 10 years. The country has realized the sufficit of 140 million euros, said Maraš. Talking about the development of the Company, Maraš pointed out that the amount of over 13 million of euros was invested in the primary production, 19 million into processing capacities and 8 million euros into building capacities. Plantaže is the open company for new knowledge, new technologies and new markets. Today, Plantaže is the world giant, Maraš pointed out.

On this ocassion, chairman of the Board of Directors, prof.dr Veselin Vukotić reminded that Plantaže was founded as the expression of courageous vision of its founders and that such a vision is necessary today. According to Vukotić, Plantaže is a strange company, organisation and ambiance, because it has been at the top for a long time and among the best, not only in Montenegro, but also out of its borders. With the capital of nearly 100 million euros, Plantaže is today a healthy, productive,creative firm which,as Vukotić pointed out, invests in the development and its vision and competes at the international market. ’Plantaže is a remarkable printing house of euros in Montenegro’, stated Vukotić.

The Ambassador of Montenegro in Serbia, Branislav Mićunović made a speech at the receipt, stating that Plantaže is an international brand. ’You found 63 varieties that are unknown for the viticultural profession. Keeping the tradition, 1000 years long, you grow autochtonous varieties such as Vranac and Krstač. Good wine speaks a lot about this area and terroir. A variety is the mother of wine, soil is father and climate is fate ’, Mićunović stated.

Upon the speech, the guests had an opportunity to enjoy a versatile musical program, performed by: Guitar Duo Nikčević & Bulatović, soprano singer Aleksandra Vojvodić Jovović and ethno group Zora.A unique wine Vranac barrique Jubilee was served with the rich, traditional dishes which is, by the words of the present guests, another one in the series of great wines of the Company.

It was launching the new bottling line, worth 3 million euros that made a brilliant introduction to Academy on the ocassion of remarkable Jubilee of the company. The new line, the capacity of which was 10.000 bttls per hour, located in the Ćemovsko polje cellar was launched with celebration the president of Government of Montenegro, Duško Marković. On that occasion Marković said that the investments into production and real economy should provide a dynamic and sustainable growth of our economy which recorded last year one of the highest increase rates in Europe. Marković pointed out that the Government will be particularly focused on tourism, energetics, production of food and beverages, areas where Montenegro has the comparative advantages. ’The wines of standard quality, made in our vineyards and cellars may be found at the dining tables of over 40 countries.Our wines have their history and story’, pointed out Marković on this occasion.

Jubilee to be remembered was celebrated with the musical spectacle to be remembered! It was in the heart of the vineyard on Ćemovsko polje that the concert of Goran Bregović for the violin and symphonia orchestra was held. In an unreal ambiance of immense, green plantation, on the impressive stage over the vines, with the various light and led screen effects, Bregović presented his latest musical project ’Three Letters from Sarajevo’. It was in front of 3.500 visitors,that over 70 world artists performed the compositions, inspired by three religions: christianity, islam and judaism.The concert was opened by ’Jewish letter’ and performance of the young violinist Bojana Jovanović. Within that letter, the compositions ’Mazel tov’ and ’Made in Bosnia’ that intrigued the audience from the very start were performed. ’Moslem letter’ was opened by the violinist Zijed Zuari from Tunisia and the visitors followed the songs SOS and Vino Tinto by ovations.’Christian letter’,accompanied by the violinist Mirjana Nešković was followed by the compositions :’Pero’,’Duj, duj’ and ’Baila Leila’, led by majestic conductor Ognjen Radivojević.On this occasion, Bregović performed his hits: ’Bella ciao’, ’ Ederlezi’, ’Mjesečina’ and ’Kalašnjikov’ which delighted audience and made many of them rise.

After two hours of the concert Bregovic stated that the vineyard in Cemovsko polje is the great ambiance for ’Three Letters from Sarajevo’, his orchestra utopia on fusion of variety that may become reality one day. Upon the closure of the spectacle, Veselin Djurisic, director of sales and marketing of the company stated that the celebration of Plantaze Jubilee became even more majestic by the concert of one of the greatest composers today, Goran Bregovic. The fusion of the largest vineyard in Europe and the greatest composer was a big business and artistic hit,spectacular event worth attention worldwide, said Djurisic.’Unusual, non- commercial concert ’Three letters from Sarajevo’, fitted excellently into the business story of Plantaze, exporting its products into 40 countries of the world’, pointed out Đurišić.

On this occasion the Company is grateful also to all officials, visitors and friends from Montenegro, region and world that made celebration of the most famous Montenegrin brand greater by their presence to the events, organised on the occasion of the 13th of June, making our mutual success even greater. Convinced into new success in the years ahead of us, keeping the tradition of Montenegrin viticulture and wine making, following modern world trends simultaneously, we make a steady pace, being aware that the whole world is our market.


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