There is the largest vineyard in Europe in a single complex, covering over 2.300 ha!

It is over half of the century that  powerful Montenegrin wines have been made by the winery 13 jul-Plantaže in Podgorica!

This is the year in which Podgorica- the wine capital, celebrates a Grand Jubilee- 55 years of Plantaže! In honour of the Grand Jubilee, Podgorica Plantaže hosted a great world musician Goran Bregović who performed with the philharmony , consisting of over 70 performers, the musical spectacle in the heart of the vineyard for one million grapevines and five thousand guests worldwide because Plantaže presented famous Montenegrin wines from Podgorica viticultural area to over 40 world markets.

Podgorica has introduced a new form of tourism, still developing, primarily to Plantaže which has been offering a unique experience, in the previous years of the wine tourism in the heart of the largest European vineyard. Plantaže has already brought to Podgorica great, remarkable recognitions and awards  for such development of the wine tourism.

Plantaže has already been awarded at the most prestigious world wine contests for the premium quality of the wines from Podgorica viticultural area. There was over 800 awards and recognitions in the Plantaže treasures, including the brightest and the most remarkable historical gold from Decanter contest, held in London, won by the wine Stari Podrum Cabernet Sauvignon. A series of world recognitions has also continued this year when the record was broken by record number of 44 medals that Plantzaže has won.

Congratulations for the 19th of December –Day of Podgorica!
Your Plantaže!

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