Wine making

There are many factors that make their influence on the creation of the premium wines:soil, climate, variety, vineyard position, handling the grapes, harvest and so on- the list is very long……. A great attention has been paid on the details on each step of this process. In the crafting of our wines, besides the vineyards, the cellars play the essential role both during the harvest and following it. It is in the wine cellar that the healthy and specific balance between a man and nature has been expressed to the utmost. The wine making team consists of very committed people with long working experience.Their gift provides that the wine you consume represents the true reflection of the variety and area from which the grapes come from.
Wine making is not limited to the receiving of grapes and tranforming them into the wine, which has been done with great attention and committment- it is a holistic process, including all stages:from the vineyard to the final bottling. It begins from the close co-operation with the vine growers to provide the conditions that each variety is grown in the proper microlocality of our vineyard,resulting in the production of grapes with the very properties and quality, needed for the creation of the wine style, that we want.




All cellars were designed by the highest technological standards. Precisely defined and controlled conditions of the grape processing, production and tending the wine are the base for keeping and development of the quality of our wines.
Plantaže has the program for the permanent modernisation through investments as well as the plan for regular renewal of the wooden vats and barriques, used for the production of a special wine of the premium quality.


Thanks to the extraordinary area, soil composition and favourable position, local (autochtonous) and other world famous varieties. The strip and basin of Skadar Lake stand out by their position and importance for the grapevine growing and production of grapes. The largest and the most beautiful vineyard in Europe, Ćemovsko polje, covers the surface of 2310 ha with 11 million grapevines.
The Montenegrin viticultural area, in a wide context, represents the southernmost part of the Adriatic coast, so it may be said that the wines, made of the red variety Vranac, are specific southern wines. These wines are full-bodied, rich with colloidal substances and specific for their wine flavours.
The average altitude of the vineyards is 44,5 m officially, lowering to 40 m towards Lake of Skadar and rising up to 70 m towards the town of Podgorica. The soil is heavy and skeletal with over 95% limestone conglomerates and 5% only of the fine soil. The precipitation quantity amounts 1600 ml of the water residue monthly. In the vegetation period (8 months), the sun shines 10-12 hours daily in Podgorica.




The harvest is done mostly( cc.94%) manually. Engaging about 2000 workers during the harvest time, Plantaže coordinates the harvest successfully, the only priority being the provision of the good quality for its premium wines.
There are 23 wells in Ćemovsko polje, the capacity 90 l/sec and the irrigation season lasts 2,5 months.
There is a spring of the potable water of the excellent quality below Ćemovsko polje. The whole vineyard is irrigated, mostly by the drip irrigation system.
The autochtonous varieties of this area, thanks to the ambient and agro-technical conditions that made possible the complete expression of the potential of the varieties, created the base for the production of the grapes of the characteristic composition and the features which give the hallmark both to the characteristics of the wine and its quality.As for the autochtonous Montenegrin varieties, the most interesting and the most famous are the red grape variety Vranac and white variety Krstač.

Production of the grapevine scions


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Aiming at preserving the autochtonous grape varieties, we adopted the latest technology of the production of the grapevine scions on the rootstocks that suit the viticultural terrains of Ćemovsko polje and Montenegro.Thanks to the surface of 40 ha of the mother-plot of the grapevine rootstocks, we manage to provide the sufficient annual production for the rejuvenation of our vineyard and particularly, of the old plots covered with the autochtonous grape varieties.

Peach plantation

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The peach plantation covers the surface cc 85 ha with the average annual production of 1200 tons. The peach varieties ripen in different periods, so that the demands of the markets ,where the peaches are placed, are completely met. Thanks to the favourable agro-technical conditions in Ćemovsko polje, Podgorica subregion, the earliest varieties ripen 10-15 days earlier, at least, than in the other areas.

Fish pond

The recognition of the trademark Plantaže made an influence on the great interest of the market for other products of our company, besides wine and grape brandy. Thus, the fish pond at Mareza, covering 6 000 m2, produce and sell cc 100 tons of the Californian trout annually. The consumers all over Montenegro as well as the numerous tourists remember very well the quality of the fish, coming from our company. The fish pond,built in 1957,is located in the vicinity of the spring of the potable water called Mareza, from which it has been exclusively supplied with water.

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This criterion,extraordinary chemical and physical properties of the water and the ecological favourability, controlled fish food, made by the most famous European producers, make the prerequisites for growing the trout of the premium quality. It is because of the long tradition of this fish pond that, besides the fish for the final consumption, we offer to the market the trout for stocking the rivers and lakes as well as for supplying many fish ponds in the countries of the region with young fish, training the personnel for managing similar facilities.
A special curiosity is the location of the fish pond, located in the vicinity of the restaurant Mareza, where our guests enjoy every day in the specialties, always prepared from the fresh trout.
It is said that fish swims best in wine and we have taken care to offer you both by Plantaže.


The company 13 jul- Plantaže owns two restaurants: Jezero and Mareza, near Podgorica, based on the authentic Montenegrin cuisine, namely the regional cuisine, comprising the sea,mountains and beautiful Lake Skadar in the vicinity of Podgorica.



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Restaurant Mareza

Mareški put bb Str, 5 km from Podgorica to Mareza
Phone: + 382 20 511 031
Working hours:
Every day except Monday from 10h to 24 h.

Restaurant Jezero

Near the trunk road Podgorica-Petrovac
Phone: + 382 20 879 106
Working hours:
Every day from 9 to 23 h.

Retail trade

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Wine Shop

Address: Podgorica-Virpazar road
Beside the restaurant Jezero
Working hours:
Summer working hours: 09-20 h
Winter working hours: 09-17 h
Phone: + 382 63 200 203
Wine and grape brandy shop in the administrative building of the company 13 jul-Plantaže.
Address: 2,Put Radomira Ivanovića Str
Working hours: Monday- Friday 07-15 hrs

Discount store 01

Address: 127, Bulevar Save Kovačevića Str
Phone: +382 20 623 021
Working hours:
Every day except on Sunday 07-20 h

Discount store 02

Address: Cvijetin brijeg bb Str
Phone: + 382 20 656 170
Working hours:
Every day except on Sunday from 7-18 h

Discount store Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog

Address: 64, Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog Str
Phone: + 382 20 225 324
Working hours:
Every day except on Sunday 07-20 h

Discount store Vranac

Address: Bracana Bracanovića 34
Phone: +382 20 647 643
Working hours:
Every day except on Sunday 07-20 h