Collective Agreement was Signed

Upon negotiation and complying between the Union and Board of Directors of the company,a collective agreement was signed  in the company 13 jul –Plantaže, defining the workers’ rights and obligations of the employed and this company.

The Agreement was signed by the head  Mihailo Vukotić on behalf of the Union and by PhD prof. Veselin Vukotić , the chairman on behalf of the Board of Directors.

A particular attention was drawn to the protection of workers   in the new signed collective agreement  in the case of their technical-economic redundancy   .

In that case, the Employer should pay off the severance pay to each employee , except to the members of the management (to which this collective agreement does not refer), in the amount of 24 average, monthly net salaries of the employed and to the employed with invalidity, caused by the injury at work, 36 average,monthly net salaries of the employed  or in the Society, if it is more favourable for the employed and adding 800 € for each full year of the work, spent at work in Plantaže or if it is more favourable for the employed, his average salary. For each month of the year that starts,a severance pay in the amount of 1/12 compensation from the full year of years of service at the Employer’s.

Compared to the previous collective agreement of Plantaže, the new thing is covering the costs of scholarship of two children who attend the school regularly of the employed, deceased at work due to the injury at work.

As  for the paid leave , a great number of days has been provided in some cases where the company shows a social responsibility towards the employed (or the care towards the employed  and their private problems). The company has been specially proud of the clause of the Collective agreement which stipulates the financial compensation for each new born child of the employed , where the company pays attention to the natality of the employed, i.e. of the Montenegrin society,as a whole.

On this occasion, Mihailo Vukotić, head of the Union of Plantaže said that this Agreement provided the rights to the employed in considerably more qualitative scope compared to the previous one and it represents the qualitative protection of the interests, particularly in the case of privatization .

‘By negotiations and final signing of this Agreement, we showed unity and harmony, built on the relation: owners of the company –management-employed, because we came to the best solutions for the protection of the interests of all employed,’-  Vukotić concludes.

On this occasion, PhD prof Veselin Vukotić, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the company said that the State, as the owner, showed also, in this case, a humane attitude towards the needs of the employed, appreciating a corporation culture of the company, built by multi decennial work of the generations of visionaries and zealous workers of Plantaže.

‘By this Agreement, I am sure, the qualitative relation of the company towards the employed has been expressed and each social moment in life and working cycle of any employee has been appreciated ,which is a rarity’, concluded Vukotić.

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