Brand Leader Award to the Company 13.jul-Plantaže

The company 13.jul-Plantaže was awarded with the new recognition by Mass Media International and Expert staff of the 8th  Business Conference ’ Tourist Market of Southeastern Europe- SEET 2018’, held in Sava Centre in Belgrade.

It was at this exhibition of tourist industry that over 400 delegates from : EU, Russia, China, UAE, Turkey, countries of Southeastern Europe gathered, among which there were high representatives of the relevant institutions and industrial associations, recognised international experts for the sustainable develoment of business in the tourism industry, representatives of state and local authorities,directors of national, tourist organisations, educational and public institutions as well as decision makers of leading companies , covering tourism and relevant industries, that the recognition Brand Leader Award 2018 was awarded to Plantaže, as the leader in the field of wine tourism at the tourist market of Southeastern Europe, setting up the new quality and competition standards and positioning highly the authentic and autochtonous products of premium quality through continuous inovations.

Veselin Djurišić, director of Sales and marketing of the Company, received that recognition in the name of Plantaže who said that he was honoured that Mass Media International and Expert staff of the 8th Business Conference ’Tourist Market of Southeastern Europe- SEET 2018’, based on the analysis of amrket and standardized criteria, comprising continuous , positive development, high level of market recognition, influence and contribution to improvement, popularisation of the potential and creating competitive image of tourist industry of the region of SEE, brought decision to give BRAND LEADER 2018 AWARD to Plantaže.

’This is a very significant recognition for both Plantaže and Montenegro and it is one more recognition in the series of proofs of the qualitative and devoted work of Plantaže which has represented for 55 years a leader in the production of grapes, premium wines and natural brandies, both at the local and regional markets. The tourist offer of the company ’Wine Route’ experiences a great progress and the importance of the consciousness of the autochtonous Montenegrin assortment has been raised by numerous regional campaigns,positioning Montenegro as an important wine destination in Europe and out of it.’’ – concludes Djurišić.

The 8th Business Conference SEET 2018 was focused on recognition of new possibilities for increasing revenues of the tourist market of SEE, new forms of linking and positioning of the Region as a unique tourist market with a special accent on the promotion of priority tourist destinations, strengthening identity of tourist routes of the region, attracting tourists from distant markets and stimulation of the receptive tourism.

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