On the distance of thirty kilometers and so from the Adriatic sea, beside Lake Skadar, the rows of the grapevine stretch almost immensely, forming one of the largest and most beautiful vineyards in Europe-Ćemovsko polje, covering 2.300 ha and about 11.5 million grapevines.

The vineyards are bordered by the riverbed of the river Cijevna, lost river, on one side. Searching for its way to the Morača river and the sea, the river Cijevna found its way through the rocks, making a picturesque small canyon. In the riverbed of the river Cijevna, you may see a specific section of the rootstock where our vineyards have been situated, and it is made of the layers of different types of stones.

Montenegin viticultural area, in wide context, is located in the southernmost part of the Adriatic coast, so the vicinity of the sea, to the greatest extent, determines the microclimate of the Ćemovsko polje.The influence of the Adriatic climate has been spead long the wide valley of the river Bojana.

The vineyard is located on the plateau, the altitude of which varies between 45 m and 70 m only and it is bordered by the range of bare, limestone hills, which detemines it as a karst valley with extremely hot and dry summer and winter, a bit colde than in the coastal area.

vinogradi vinogradi

Extremely small quantities of the precipitation and a great number of sunny hours complete the picture of this area which you may imagine in the colours and sounds of hot summer. But, that hot sun, beating over Podgorica for ten-twelve hours daily during summer months, represents only one of the challenges with which the grapevine in the Ćemovsko polje faces. The other challenge is the soil, heavy and skeletal,made of chalky limestone, intertwined with sand and pebble with many polished round pebbles.

Vranac is certainly the king of this grand kingdom of wine in the Ćemovsko polje. It is our viticultural and national pride, covering even two thirds of the vineyards. The white varieties are led by Montenegrin Krstač, grown exclusively in Montenegro and nowhere else in the world, giving the best results exactly in the Ćemovsko polje.

It seems unbelievable, but almost all of the Ćemovsko polje, even 95% has been picked manually.During the harvest, lasting from August to the end of September , over 2000 grape pickers are engaged.Sometimes, it seems as a scene from an epic movie.

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Montenegrins are the people with the epic hearts, but with the lyric souls. It is the same with our Ćemovsko polje. Created in the struggle between a man and a rock, grapevine and heat and made noble with love and passion, still alive after a half of the century.

That is the greatest secret of the Ćemovsko polje: in the powerful synergy of epic and lyric.
And there lies the secret of our wine,as well.