Thanks to the extraordinary area, soil composition and favourable position, the autochtonous and world renowned grape varieties have been successfully grown in our vineyards. The share of our main grape variety Vranac is about 70% in our vineyards. The national pride of Montenegro!


Vranac is an ancient Montenegrin variety and its real origin is hidden in the depths of history. Nowadays, after the latest scientific research, it is certain that Vranac originates from the closer area of Crmnica and it is in close relationship with Kratošija, even there is a first kin relation between these two grape varieties. Therefore, in the closest possible relation: parent- sibling, but it has not been known yet which variety is parent and which one is the sibling.

Simultaneously, by DNA analysis it has been determined that Kratošija is genetically identic to the Italian variety Primitivo and American variety Zinfandel which opened new and exciting questions about Vranac.

There has been project since 2004 in Plantaze ‘ Clonal Selection of the Autochtonous Varieties of Grapevine’ with the objective of improving agro-biological and economic- technological properties of the Montenegrin autochtonous varieties. Several grapevines, standing out by their properties within the population of the varieties were selected and the selected grapevines were multiplied and planted.


Pre-base and base mother plot of the potential clones wee established and in 2012, Plantaze started official production of the certified grapevine planting material of the variety Vranac.

The grape cluster of Vranac has small, slightly elliptic beries of blue black colour, the pulp of which is colourless and very delicious. It is characterised by great contents of sugar. It si usually picked in the last week of August or in the first week of September.


Among the white varieties,the leader is our autochtonous variety Krstač.Krstač is grown in the microlocality Nikolj Crkva in the Ćemovsko polje and all efforts to be grown in our world regions were fruitless.Plantaze is the only winery, producing the wine of this autochtonous grape variety.

The grape cluster is medium size, tight, resembling a cross after which it got its name. The berries are medium size, slightly elliptic, green yellowish colour. The berry pulp is colourless. The grape harvest is done in the first week of September.

Other varieties


Besides Krstač, the white varieties that we grow are:Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc. The big wold red varieties are led by: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and Alicante bouschet i Negroamaro achieve significant results. n the trial blends with Vranac,Marselan and Petit verdot, particularly stand out.

At the same time, we tend a great number of the trial plots in the vineyards with another 28 wine grape varieties. For several years we have been paying particular attention to the renewal of a slightly forgotten Montenegrin autochtonous white grape variety called žižak, the wines made of which we expect with particular excitement.