We believe that the wines are ‘the children of the terroir’ and that the character and quality of wines originate directly from the vineyard and that is why we have been committed to the production of wines which can completely express their origin. Thus, everything that we do in the vineyards and in the cellars, we do with great respect to our own country, to our own vineyard and grapes, grown in it. Following the greatest world standards in Ćemovsko polje modern wine making, we apply the innovations, as well, following the latest scientific research in the fields of viticulture and wine making.


PlantazeThe oldest wine cellar of the Plantaze – „Lješkopolje“ has been renovated and conversed into the wine cellar for the aging of special wine lots as well as for the trial vinifications. We perform about 100 microvinifications annually.

In the fifth decade of the existence, both a new chapter of the history of Plantaze in Podgorica and the new dimension of wine from Ćemovsko polje-grandeous wine cellar Šipčanik have been opened. The old military airport was transformed into an impressive treasury of wine, by the principle of French chateaux, because the wine cellar is located in the middle of the vineyard, in the same land, in the same rocks from the grapevines come from.

podrum Šipčanik is opened by the end of 2007, after the first phase of reconstruction that lasted over one year and in which Plantaze invested two million euros.

The wine cellar is located on the average depth of over 30m below the ground. Its shape is like a spiral tunnel, 356 m length,average width 13,5 m and 7m height.

The temperature is almost permanent-between 17 and 19 degrees. Humidity -70-80%.

In the impressive space, on the surface of 7.000 m2, the wine is tended in the wooden vats in perfect climatic and tecnological conditions. Two million liters of wine age and develop in the wooden vats.