A Famous French Cook Florian Pinel Visited Plantaže

The company was visited on the 9th of July 2018 by a famous French cook Florian Pinel who lives and works in New York City. Renowned personality  from the culinary world  writes at the same time the blog for the site ‘FoodPerestroika’- where he expresses his impressions on cuisine and gastronomy of numerous countries as well as on the visit to leading world restaurants.

The guest visited first the vineyard on Ćemovsko polje and then, our wine treasuries- Šupčanik and Stari podrum where he tasted the wines of the autochtonous varieties as well as the blends of them with the world renowned varieties which give fantastic results on the rocky soil of Podgorica viticultural areas.

This was an excellent opportunity to make the guest acquainted with the opulence that our company offers, all through a hedonist prisma of the unique fusion of the wines which are the expression of our terroir and local Montenegrin specialties. It is for this special occasion that our cook Mladen Boljević prepared a special menu- ‘ 7  Grands’ in the idyllic ambiance of the restaurant Jezero, located in the heart of the National park of the same name. Gastronomic gathering began with cheese mousse and new Val Rose , followed by marinated salmon trout with the  puree of cicvara   and tomatoes with pro Anima Pinot Blanc. Broccoli cream soup with a fountain of roasted pine seeds, croutons and goat cheese were followed superbly by our Chardonnay barrique and ‘Wavy Sorbet’ was supported greatly by semi-dry Montenegrin Val.  Premium  red wine Vladika matched excellently with Njegushi steak ‘Julienn’ ,lying on the prunes with the Plantaže dressing of fresh, black fruit and beef tagliata was on the potatoes puree with dry carob  and cherry tomatoes, topped up with the blueberry sauce and perfectly rounded with Vranac Reserve.The dessert, a small basket- wheatbuck pancake with roasted ground walnuts and prunes, topped up with Plantaže Medun sweet sauce and cinnamon was completed with the sips of natural sweet wine Medun. Wide assortment of the tastes, perfectly paired with the wines of the company, made the guest delighted and proved definitely that Montenegro has got a very rich and authentic gastronomic offer to which not even the biggest world names ,covering this field ,are not indifferent.

The visit of a famous cook was an excellent opportunity to compare the opinions with the holder of a rich culinary experience of the restaurants all over the world as well as the opportunity to introduce ourselves in the marketing manner to wide European audience that visits his site and exchange their gastronomic-culinary experiences.

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