55 Gold Years of the Company and Celebration to be Remembered

There are only two days left by the great musical spectacle at Ćemovsko polje…..It is the concert of Goran Bregović ‘Three Lettters from Sarajevo’ on which the most renowned Montenegrin brand will celebrate the greatest Jubilee – 55 years of existence. Goran Bregović and symphony orchestra, over 70 top performers, world artists, will make performance on the open stage in the largest vineyard in a single complex in Europe. Musical-stage spectacle will be performed on the glamorous stage with top technical effects, lighting and sounds before the stands with 4.000 seats. It is from that stage that by Bregovic musical project, inspired by three religions, christianity, islam and judaism, that the message of peace, mutual understanding and respect of cultural differences, as immeasurable richness, will be sent from the heart of Plantaže.

‘ Today I have seen that unbelievable miracle, that vineyard, Ćemovsko polje and if there is an ambiance where you can place something like that as it is the musical spectacle, that is the ambiance of the Plantaže vineyards’, said Bregović as he has recently visited our Company during the preparation of the concert. Veselin Djurišić, director of sales and marketing of the company Plantaže, stated on that occasion that this musical spectacle will brighten to full extent the Great Jubilee- 55 years of the Company. Djurišić reminded that the vineyard on Ćemovsko polje was established by the end of the ‘70s and beginning of the ‘80s of the last century, just in the period when the music career of worldly known artist Goran Bregović began. Two multi –decade successful stories will be joined by the concert on the 13th of June on Ćemovsko polje.

State officials, friends of Plantaže from Montenegro, business partners and followers of our brand from over 40 countries will be present at the celebration of Great Jubilee.The arrival was confirmed by the guests from China, India, Switzerland, USA, Canada and countries from the Region, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as from other important export destinations.

For great Jubilee, unusual musical event, on the 13th of June on Ćemovsko polje ,


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