13 th Wine Fair VINOcom, Zagreb

13th Wine fair VINOcom, one of the most attractive and most frequented fairs in the region, was held in a splendid ambiance of the hotel Esplanade, located in the centre of Zagreb, on the 23rd and 24th November, where our company presented itself, as well.

Zagreb audience had an opportunity to taste already known autochtonous Montenegrin varieties: Vranac and Krstač, as well as the premium wines: Pro Anima Pinot Blanc 2016, Epoha 2013 and Vranac Reserve 2013.  A new rose wine , made by Plantaže, bearing proudly the name of Regina Jelena Savojska (Princess Elena of Montenegro), was presented for the first time at the fair. It was at our great pleasure that the visitors already recognised Vranac as the best representative of the Montenegrin area and new varieties and wine styles of our company made all present people delighted.

The prestigious award ’Bijeli grozd’ (’White cluster’), as the recognition for the leader for the development of the  wine tourism,  was given to the representatives of our company at this Fair.  Plantaže was recognised as the company which sets the new standards and influences the development of eno-gastro tourism, by its action and quality development of the whole range of products.

A succesful participation at VINOcom, Zagreb was closed with the 55 years of Plantaže in caffe bar LEX, Zagreb. Numerous friends and business partners enjoyed the premium wines of our winery  with live music and rich, national cuisine. This way, after the Fair, the wines Epoha and Regina Jelena Savojska shone in full light, for the second time in Zagreb.

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